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Why We Love Dog Hotels (And You Should, Too!)

By James Campbell on

german shepard at dog hotelAs a pet owner, it is important to take some time to understand the difference between dog hotels and dog kennels before you plan your next vacation or make your holiday plans. It is like comparing motels and hotels for your own vacation. It comes down to the details and whether basic accommodations will meet your needs or would you want a higher level of service? Both offer overnight accommodations and some kennels also offer grooming and training like the dog hotels but the difference is in the details.

A dog kennel will offer a comfortable place to sleep, regular meals and room for your pet to play, usually in a dog run. Dog kennels are great for bare bones service that still gets the job done. You can still expect friendly service and good care, but the details that make it extra special are lacking.

Lapping at the Life of Luxury

Dog hotels are equipped to give your pet that “all-inclusive hotel experience”. Many provide the opportunity for pets to relax poolside, plenty of room to run and play with other active dogs, well-balanced meals, yummy treats and calming background music in the evening. A pet hotel, like Paradise Pet Resorts, provides that all-inclusive experience. Known for its’ friendly service and excellent care, Paradise Pet Resorts, offers a nicer,
dog swimming at pet hotelroomier place for your pet to sleep, more space to run and play, a refreshing swimming pool and special treats.

Paradise Pet Resorts gives that extra level of service that goes beyond just a comfy bed and playtime. You will enjoy your vacation more knowing your pet is having just as much fun!

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