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Pet Day Care

Doggie Day Care in Santa Rosa and Rohnert ParkAll Day Play!

Our Pet Day Care services in Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park keep your pet happy, fed, and on the move. When we developed these Day Care programs, our primary focus was to provide playtime in the daytime for dogs and cats, in addition to many different types of small animals. We continue to expand our pet daycare services but our mission remains the same: to provide peace of mind for you and fun for your pet.

When you come to pick up your dog, chances are great that he or she will be worn out from burning off all that doggie energy at our facilities. Often, our clients tell us their dog fell asleep on the ride home after a day at play in Paradise! Our professional,┬ápet-loving staff are well-trained and happy to help your dog, cat, or small animal enjoy the day when you’re away.

We also specialize in care for pets with anxiety so if your dog, cat, or small animal becomes miserable the minute you walk out your door, enroll him or her in our Paradise Pet Resorts Day Care program — your pet will be cared for and loved until you come to pick him or her up and you’ll feel better knowing your pet is not alone.

Doggie Day Care? Tell That to the Cats!

Cat Day Care in Santa Rosa and Rohnert ParkWe know you’ll do anything to ensure your dog, cat, or small animal is happy and fit, but as a busy professional, you can’t always give your pet the exercise it needs. Our day care allows your pets to stimulate their minds and bodies while you are at work.

Our Day Care Packages Include:

  • Outdoor Play Equipment, including toys and other cat fancies for your feline friends and appropriate, safe areas for other small animals.
  • Three play areas for cats (to accommodate cats that are strictly indoor pets, or cats that are in/out pets).
  • Outdoor Pool (Rohnert Park), great fun for dock diving for the big dogs! (Supervised at all times; one dog at a time.)
  • 12,000 square feet of Play Area (Rohnert Park), including secure indoor areas for big and small dogs to allow for ample activity time.
  • Large, safe indoor and outdoor play areas for dogs of all sizes (Santa Rosa) with climbing structures, doggie pool, tunnels, and agility play spaces.
  • Open until 7 PM daily
  • Safe & secure grounds, including 24-hour monitoring of all animals large and small.
  • Web Cam accessible online and via your cell phone.
  • Heated Cabanas you can rent for dogs and cats! See our pricing page for more information.